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Garage Design Tips

Out of all the rooms in your house the last one on people’s minds is the garage.  The garage, for all intent and purposes is a room where we keep our cars and other items we don’t’ have cluttering up the house.  However, if you are really ambitious and if you are looking to maximize your space, here are some garage design tips that you can implement in your own home.

Define a purpose

The first step is to define your purpose.  Depending on the age of your home you may be able to have multiple bays in your garage.  More modern homes are now being built with three car capacity garages.  They are doing this because people want to store their car as well as their stuff. 

The floor

The first thing to look at is the floor.  If you are going to have a showpiece you want to start with epoxy.  When we look at epoxy floor garage, we are looking at a material that helps coat and protect the cement floor as well as gives it a fun and unique look.

Maximize your wall space

In most garages the walls are unfished.  This means you basically have drywall and no paint.  Since you have a bare canvas you can paint the walls any color you want as well as add additional storage from shelves, pegboard and other container options.  When you focus on going up instead of out, you will be amazed as to the amount of stuff you can fit in your garage.


epoxy floor garage

With a garage you will want to have some good light.  At night, when the sun goes down you want to be able to come out and work.  Also, with the cool night air you will have the garage door open which cold let in some additional lighting from the moon.

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