Month: July 2021

What to Look for in an Electrician

Picking the best electrician to service your electrical needs is sometimes difficult because not every contractor in the area has your best interests at heart. Always take time to pick an electrician that is experienced, has a good reputation, is licensed and insured, and who makes you feel comfortable.

License and Insurance

Do not put yourself at risk of a major loss during the project by choosing an unlicensed and uninsured electrician when great providers are out there who have these requirements. You could be on the line if an injury or accident occurs and the electrician is not insured!


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The more experience an electrician offers, the easier he can complete projects around the home. He has the expertise and excellence to get things done and you deserve that level of skill when your money and home are on the line.


Visit the electricians social media site, check online for reviews, and be sure to visit their website to learn more about their reputation and what other people think about their work. Previous customers have lots to say and it is details that you need to know.


Professionalism is an important quality when hiring someone to perform work at your house. Go for an electrician who puts your needs first. He responds to emails and calls, arrives at the job on time, and always seems like an old friend rather than a contractor you are paying for work.


The most important aspect to most people is the cost of the job. So, check prices when you need an electrician before you hire by requesting estimates. Ask an electrician near me in Savannah GA for an estimate for free and get the best rates on the job.

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Garage Design Tips

Out of all the rooms in your house the last one on people’s minds is the garage.  The garage, for all intent and purposes is a room where we keep our cars and other items we don’t’ have cluttering up the house.  However, if you are really ambitious and if you are looking to maximize your space, here are some garage design tips that you can implement in your own home.

Define a purpose

The first step is to define your purpose.  Depending on the age of your home you may be able to have multiple bays in your garage.  More modern homes are now being built with three car capacity garages.  They are doing this because people want to store their car as well as their stuff. 

The floor

The first thing to look at is the floor.  If you are going to have a showpiece you want to start with epoxy.  When we look at epoxy floor garage, we are looking at a material that helps coat and protect the cement floor as well as gives it a fun and unique look.

Maximize your wall space

In most garages the walls are unfished.  This means you basically have drywall and no paint.  Since you have a bare canvas you can paint the walls any color you want as well as add additional storage from shelves, pegboard and other container options.  When you focus on going up instead of out, you will be amazed as to the amount of stuff you can fit in your garage.


epoxy floor garage

With a garage you will want to have some good light.  At night, when the sun goes down you want to be able to come out and work.  Also, with the cool night air you will have the garage door open which cold let in some additional lighting from the moon.

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How Much Will a Screened in Porch Cost to Install?

A screened in porch has tons of benefits for your Lexington property. It brings tons of extra privacy to your home, which most anyone can appreciate. There’s the appeal that a patio enclosure brings and of course, the added space is nice. You can get outdoors without worry of budgies and other headaches with a porch. Of course, all of this comes at a cost. How much will that be?

screened in porch in Lexington KY

The cost to install a screened in porch in Lexington KY varies from one home to the next. Factors that impact the cost include:

·    Size of the porch

·    Type of enclosure you choose

·    Season of installation

·    Company chosen for installation

Never hire a company on a whim. Take time to learn more about their experience level, their reputation, and of course, the costs. Most screened porch companies provide free estimates upon request. Get an estimate from a handful of providers and compare rates to ensure you get the best prices.

On average a screened in porch will cost about $5 to $7 per square foot. This cost includes the price of installation. The price you pay for the patio enclosure would be higher or lower than this rate, of course, depending on factors on the list above.

The total cost for a screened in porch is less than you think and most companies offer financing options if it is needed. With so many benefits, the cost of installing the enclosure is small in comparison.

Patio enclosures, as they’re also called, are more affordable than you realize. Talk to a professional to learn more about patio enclosures and the benefits they’ll provide to your home. You will be happy with the decision to add a patio enclosure onto your home.

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How to Keep Costs Low When Repairing & Updating Your Home

Home repair costs stop many homeowners in their tracks well before the project begins. They fear the dollar signs as they continually increase for what seems like minimal work. Yet, you can find tons of tricks and tips to help keep the costs of repairs and updates low. Take advantage of as many of those ideas as possible because you can never be too thrifty when it comes to getting home repairs made from a handyman near me in dripping springs tx.

Maintain the Home

While it might be too late for some people, it may not be too late for everyone. Maintaining the home reduces the home repairs that you will need, keeping more money in your pockets in the process.

handyman near me in dripping springs tx

Ask Around

Word of mouth helps direct you to the best of the best, whatever you are looking for. Ask church friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else with good advice and information and maybe eliminate some of the hard work associated with home repairs.


Comparing costs is a quintessential step of home repair, an underwritten rule if you will. Request estimates from companies of interest and always compare costs. Estimates are free and by using them, you hire a contractor with confidence in his work and the price you pay for the job.

Keep an Open Mind

At least, on brands and styles, that is. By adjusting brands or a simple style, you may chop hundreds to thousands of dollars off of your repair costs. Most of the differences aren’t noticeable to anyone except you so why not save money?

The tips above are among many ways homeowners can keep home repair costs low without making sacrifices of hard sorts. Use these ideas and others to get things done around the house.

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Considerations When You Have Close Neighbors

Space is a premium in a lot of places nowadays.  With new construction for roads, offices and homes builders are looking to maximize space and revenue.  This is why when it comes to multifamily housing construction, many considerations need to be put into place so everyone is comfortable.

Flipped layouts

One important thing that you need to do is have a flipped layout.  What this means is that you don’t want to have bathrooms butting up against each other or have bedrooms on a thin wall.  You want to have a layout where everyone has their own privacy level from others in the same complex.  If you don’t have this, then people will hear everything that everyone is doing which is not a desirable situation.

Separate power connectors

When we have a multifamily home, we want to have the power separated.  If you have power being shared it can lead to a lot of issues when it comes to paying the bill.  Many will argue that they didn’t use that much power or water or whatever other resources are available.  This can lead to a lot of feuding between neighbors.

Respect each other’s space

Simply because you are neighbors doesn’t mean you have to be friends.  Don’t be going over and asking to borrow a cup of sugar or some eggs on a constant basis.  Some people like the small space and their privacy and don’t want to be bothered.  Learn early on and set up some guidelines so everyone can live in peace.

Notify each other of change

multifamily housing construction

If there is going to be a change or if someone is going to have a party or company, let the other family know.  IF there is going to be a disruption in the routine give them enough time to adjust.  This is a great way to keep relations civil.

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